Learn to play the piano from zero to professional with this application

Learn to play the piano from zero to professional with this application

This app is a fast and fun way to learn to play the piano, starting with a level

From beginners to professionals, it works with any piano or keyboard.

The app offers a lot of fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me, and

Counting Stars and La La Land.

- The application contains courses for different musical tastes and levels of playing from scratch.

- The program teaches you to play step by step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands.

- Suitable for all ages, young and old, and does not require previous knowledge of playing.

- The application is characterized by the ability to obtain one or two rows of keys and one of them will work

Well depending on the quality of your device screen. The application is also distinguished by its

compatibility with the multi-touch feature

For devices running OS 2.1 or later, also the ability to record any song

Play it in the device's memory.

Application features:

88 Full keys in a piano keyboard;

Minigames such as magic panels and magic keys;

9 Piano keyboards and different musical instruments:

piano keyboard, grand piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion, electric guitar, ukulele, cello pizzicato,

antique piano;

Single or double scrollable keyboard;

free piano songs;

Popular and classical piano songs;

Piano recording feature - to record and share your instrumentals;

High-quality piano.

- It's a funny wall app and a great way to pass some time on your phone

When you are bored with video games.

To download 

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