Learn fashion design in an easy and fun way with this app


Learn fashion design in an easy and fun way with this app

Learn professional design and fashion planning. The designer works to find a solution to the problem

Based on the client's requirements, information, and capabilities available to him, it must be relied upon

I have a step-by-step fashion design education book with experimental methods to ensure that the model

Take into account all the requirements and conditions imposed.

- This application provides you with steps to sew clothes with a computer and teaches sewing

And detailing for beginners, in easy and simple ways, without the need to connect to the Internet.

Learning the art of fashion and how to draw fashion on paper is now possible with this

The new application includes a fashion drawing education program, including learning to design clothes

And shoes, detailing, and sewing for beginners, i.e. sewing, dressing, and teaching drawing dresses

And drawing a mannequin for beginners.

- Many of us think fashion design is complicated and requires a lot of studies, but it is actually

It is possible and we can look at it as a game of designing clothes for a model and selling them thanks to an application

Teaching drawing fashion designs and drawing clothes.

- The application works on all types of Android and iPhone mobile devices.

- The application has an easy and smooth interface, pleasant colors, and an elegant and attractive shape.

- You can combine different items of clothing: blouse, sleeves, collar, skirt, and more

- Create an endless array of stylish outfit ideas.

Get creative and create haute couture

Use standard patterns

Customize the color palette

Select the texture of the canvas

Use drawing tools: brushes, pencil, eraser

Draw with just a finger and a stylus to make the design process easier and more efficient

Design your own fashion combinations

Dresses, outfits, skirts, blouses, pants, and more.

Motivate people with your projects

Share your designs on social networks.

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