GPS Navigation & Route Finder app is very good for driving directions

 GPS Navigation & Route Finder app is very good for driving directions
A great application that helps you track your trip if you are traveling or locate your trip and draw a plan and map

for the way to go to the place you want.

- With this application you can use the road map easily because it is straightforward with the user interface, the

application uses GPS navigation and route finder application GPRS technology to show the current location and

track the location on the map You can choose by driving, cycling or walking

This app will calculate distance and auto-go from A to B.

- Before using the application you must turn on the GPS and connect to the internet or wifi because the

application does not support offline maps because the map update is the latest for you.

Application features:

- Route map or GPRS map can get current coordinates and show current location on maps that coordinates

(latitude and longitude) exactly in real-time.

- You can search for the address you want and it will be shown to you immediately.

- Find a route from A to B: Enter an address, then the app will draw the route automatically.

- It can offer maps and navigation with voice: Here is a very good map feature.

- Share the current location of Networks+ Find near me like:

Restaurants near me, Bar, Coffee, Bank, ATM near me, Beauty salon, Book store, Bus station, Casino, Car wash, Clothes store, Dentist, Doctor, Hotel near me, Hospital, Library, Food nearby, Gas station, Movie theater, police, store amusement park, shopping mall, spa, shop, metro station, train station supermarket, travel agency, university, zoo near me.

How the application works:

All you have to do is download the application and then put your phone in your car after connecting through the App Link connection, and so you will get all the means of safety and comfort while on the road.

The application does not end at this point, but rather provides you with a special website that offers you all the features and other features that are constantly updated, and although the application is free, there are some additional features that you can try for a whole week, and in the event that the period is completed

Allowed This feature is purchased if you wish.

The application is supported by a whole team in case of submitting any questions

Or a complaint from any user who may wish to raise it immediately

This will be dealt with very seriously.

To download

click here

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