Download the latest application to download the story from Facebook

 Save the Facebook story application and enjoy it because it is free and without any money and it has many tools that qualify it to reach a lot of people in a simple way without searching for more than one application in order to search for and download it and use more than one application that works on your feeling of fatigue and boredom in a terrible way With the application that we offer today, you can work on it without any event that could hinder your use, as it is two applications in one application that contains two applications Messenger + the Facebook application, and you also have to read more messages without making a viewing of those messages, watching the video and the legend very quickly, faster From the official application, images can be downloaded in a normal way without using any other programs, send more images through the application and receive more messages with ease, and also the features of the application have multiplied by supporting many other accounts, you can receive themes and change them.

And make certain colors within the application in a very easy way, and put more pictures in the background of the application instead of the private and official application. Through the application without entering the Facebook application, the application deletes any files or any images that may harm your phone, the user interface is very smooth and no one can control it other than the developer of the wonderful application, saving a lot of energy that some applications drain because the application It does not run in the background and is easy and simple and anyone can handle it with ease.

Features offered by the Save Story for Facebook app

Save Facebook Stories Apk is a free application that ranks first among applications of the same field.

Fast and simple interface that works on all phones.

It is very small in size and does not contain any harmful files to the phone.

It provides many tools that help you while browsing Facebook.

The shape of the application is comfortable for the eye and also comfortable for the eyes when using it for a long time.

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