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About the Caller Name Talker app:

Many of us today are looking for an application in this form and with this function, as this program allows you to know who is calling you by pronouncing the name while calling any other contact, so download this application through the Google Play platform, that platform that includes a large number of applications that are interested in the field Communications, which provides more services to customers regarding identifying contacts, and the program has gained the popularity of many people due to its ease of use, according to the services provided by this application, and the number of users of the program has exceeded more than one million people around the world, each of whom has downloaded this application They liked it, and this was evident through the comments that clarified that, and it was very positive, so download Caller Name Talker for Android to enjoy all the wonderful experience that allows you to know the identity of the caller before you look at your cell phone, and the application was very useful Magnificence and beauty with the consistency of its colors and phrases that allow you the pleasure of using this application. You can also specify how to pronounce the username, do you want it in Arabic or do you want it in Franco, and this is among the features that do not allow Here you only this application.

The application can also pronounce each of the names of the callers and the names of those who sent the messages and others. The name of the caller is not satisfied only. The application also allows you to select the language and also determine the speed of pronunciation that you want from the program. You can also specify what the program tells you when you receive a message, for example. Really, dear user, it is a program of great magnificence and beauty, so write Download Announce Who Is Calling apk to achieve the greatest benefit from pronouncing the name of the contact who is calling you. Simplicity in terms of size, and this means that its size came in a small form, which does not require you to purchase a mobile phone with a high storage space for this application to work. So download the caller’s name speaker with a direct link. The application also makes you control the volume that the program will speak with. You can also control the The notifications that come about some updates to the program, which makes it possible to block these notifications or allow them as you like to do. The program makes you control everything inside it. You are not supposed to do anything specific. Wen of your choice alone, and this is what distinguishes this application from other applications, as it does not need a device with high specifications, it cannot be run on a device with small specifications, there is no problem in that at all, and this is what the technical support team of the program was seeking. Evaluate the program and direct any problem to the developers so that they can solve it immediately. You can also direct some opinions about developing the program to appear in a way that satisfies everyone. The program gets more admiration time after time due to the updates in which the support team makes a great effort to satisfy all customers of the program, so do now Download this application through the Google Play platform to enjoy that excellent experience that makes things easy and enjoyable for you

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