Create your own stickers and enjoy them on WhatsApp

Create your own stickers and enjoy them on WhatsApp

This application enables you to create many stickers, shape them how you want, and use them on WhatsApp. You can use memes or your own pictures, and you can use any image from your phone.

- With this application, you can create stickers and add them to WhatsApp in simple steps

With this app, you can create your own personal sticker or customize your own

How many can you get personalized stickers for quick expressions of feelings?

And create an atmosphere of fun with your friends during the conversation on WhatsApp.

Application features:

- Enables you to make stickers for WhatsApp in an infinite number.

- The application contains an unlimited number of stickers ready for download.

- The ability to remove the background of images and modify them as you wish.

- The application is free and does not require any fees.

  You can download it from all kinds of Android and iPhone devices.

- The application is small in size and does not take up much space on the device.

- With 3 simple steps, you can create stickers that can be used in WhatsApp.

- An application that is easy to cut the image and freely cut the photo collage.

How to make stickers:

It only takes 3 steps to make the stickers.

1 -Choose a photo and crop the busy background from the photo

2-Add text stickers or decorations to make your stickers look more lively. Then save.

3-Click Export to add your stickers or text sticker to WhatsApp.

Now chat with your friends using your own stickers.


- This app is a tool to create stickers for WhatsApp but it is not affiliated with WhatsApp.

- Stickers are created and owned by users, and will not be used by the sticker maker app

Users will be responsible for the stickers they have made.

To download 

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