An application that helps people with vision impairment

 An application that helps people with vision impairment

The application reads everything you want on your device just by touching it, and that's it

Important for those with low vision, the elderly, or the blind as well.

- It allows users to use Android devices without using a display or

Use keys. These are applications that are designed so that people can

People with some type of disability use their devices

  Android (mobile phones or tablets) in the best possible way.

The use of the device is adapted to that person in this way

- The application reads the content on the screen of the mobile device and will read everything out

 loud to you Even words you don't know will read until you know how to pronounce them.

- The phone can be used with voice commands and you will even be able to enter words

passwords, PINs, or personal data using this function

On the phone. The processes are fully encrypted, so they are private and secure.

- The application enables you to control the camera with your face, through different gestures

or movements.

- The application may be mainly on your mobile phone.

Or you can download it in your Android Settings, we usually have the Accessibility section,

In some cases, it is a separate partition and in other cases, it is in a folder

In this section, you will be able to manage everything related to a said suite, so that is it

The place you have to go to work with is to be able to configure functions

that you want to use on your phone. When you open this section, you may be prompted to activate these

The group is first on your phone. Once done, you will be able to configure its functionality afterward.

- The application is free and will remain free, unlike many other applications.

- The application designer is keen to have a simple design so that all users can use it

Different age groups can use it and facilitate many tasks that you can perform.

To download 

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