A great app that converts audio clips into written speech

 A great app that converts audio clips into written speech

This application helps you convert any audio clip you have into written speech or audio with a video

clip as well.

- The application enables you to save time and effort and avoid embarrassment by reading your voice

messages instead of listening to them. The application converts audio into text via WhatsApp,

Telegram, Signal, and other messaging applications, as well as its ability to process your speech notes

from voice memos.

- It is the best application for converting speech to text, with its help you can instantly convert any

voice messages and even video messages into texts. comfortable.

Application features:

- The application works within WhatsApp and you do not need to switch between applications.

- You can compare the text with voice messages.

- A wonderful application that supports many languages, not only Arabic but more than 45 languages.

- You can plan to process voice memos.

- You can read voice messages in other languages whenever you want.

- You may need to convert voice messages into text while the kids are asleep.

- You may want to use the app when it is not a good time to listen to voice messages.

- The app does an excellent job for people with hearing loss issues.

- The application is characterized by a well-designed user interface, which is the perfect application if

you find it

Voicemails are annoying and you'd rather save your precious time now aren't

There is a need to replay long voice messages on your iPhone/iPad again and again.

- The app will never access your voice messages, video messages, or messages

download or use them without your permission,

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