application for doctors

 An application for doctors that enables you to make your own decisions and take care of patients

through realistic medical simulations

Whether you are an experienced physician or in your first year of medical school the app will help you

make your own decisions and take care of patients through realistic medical simulations.

- User-friendly mobile simulation app designed by Medical professionals for medical students and

professionals. With over 160 realistic virtual states and an attractive game-like interface.

The app introduces you to clinical practice

Clinical practice:

Begin by taking a history and performing a physical test then click on the equipment in the recovery


Virtual order tests and implementation of interventions. Choose from a range of medicines

and bedside, laboratory, and imaging tests to help you narrow down the differential diagnosis

Our physiology engine will change vitals based on your input and the patient's condition

Just like they do in real life. While you zero in on the final diagnosis and definitive treatment

For the patient, you can consult specialists and nursing staff for help.

But the patient's survival rests in your hands

Personal evaluation:

At the end of each case, you will be awarded a score in six core clinical competencies

to guide your continuing education. Run the condition as many times as you want to improve

your score and hone your recovery skills. You can also access notes

Elicit detailed information that guides you through diagnostic and therapeutic interventions

Essential for every situation and required to save the patient.

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