An application to detect who unlocks your phone and takes a picture of it

 An application to detect who unlocks your phone and takes a picture of it

It is a great application to protect your mobile phone from intruders and maintain your privacy

- The application has many capabilities that help users know who is trying to unlock their phone and

Wants to spy on them, so the application protects the phone and no one can open it when trying to take

A picture of it through the front camera.

How the application works:

After opening the application, run it by pressing the Start button, and then

Do the experiment and turn off the phone to make an attempt and write the password several times


You will find that he has taken pictures of you and shows them to you when you open the phone

Screen recording of everything the intruder is trying to do on the phone and present it to you.

Application features:

- A completely free application available for Android and iPhone users.

- The application allows its users to know the intruders by taking live pictures of them without them


This is done by using artificial intelligence techniques through the use of the front camera.

It is characterized by being simple and easy to use and does not need explanation.

- The application triggers an alarm or alarms loudly, and the intruder cannot

Turns down the alarm even if the phone is in silent mode.

- The application gives a report and pictures to all intruders and stores them inside it

The application also takes a picture of whoever enters the wrong lock pattern on your phone.

It is characterized by a small space that fits the devices.

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