An application that helps you find your lost phone by clapping

 An application that helps you find your lost phone by clapping

You must have lost your phone at home and started a long search for it

In vain or thought that outside the home, this problem is faced by many of us on an almost daily basis

But the issue has become easy, even if the battery is completely empty and the phone is turned off. We

will offer you this application that will solve the problem.

What is this application?

- An application that helps you to find your own device by just clapping your hand. It's very simple,

clap a few times and you will hear your device's ringtone.

- The app works by clapping three times to start, and with customizable sounds, vibration patterns, and

ringtones, you can always hear your phone even when it's out of sight.

How the application works:

1- Download and run the application.

2- Keep dragging your finger on the screen until you reach the word Get started.

3- Then turn on or off the application through the button on the interface.

4- Select the sound you want so that you can hear the phone ringing.

Application features:

- A wonderful application that helps you find your mobile phone by clapping.

- The application enables you to customize the alarm tone that you want from the phone's default tones

or a tone from the phone's memory.

- A unique application that does not consume battery charge.

- The application is completely free.

The application is characterized by its small size and does not require much storage space.

- It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

To download 

click here

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