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A great application for photography and camera enthusiasts, this application is used to shoot slow motion videos like modern cameras to see the smallest details and share them with friends

 Slow motion free app is under development and completion. Eco Mobile's product development team is eager to bring you a slow mo video maker app free with good features and experience for you.

Download now slow motion video maker 2022 to create amazing slow music videos, motion portraits

Slow motion video editor free is a pro video maker app that creates slow mo videos, fast videos, add effect and music to make videos more attractive. You will easily share those wonderful videos on social networks for friends and family quickly.

Slow motion main features:

✔️ Create smooth slow mo videos with speed settings that can be up to 4 times slower than the original video

✔️ Increase video speed x2, x3, x4 to create funny, interesting videos

✔️ Use video editor music to add music for videos free

✔️ Video editor effects with 2 special effects: slide and zoom in

✔️ Customize the speed of a desired part of your video by Video maker

✔️ Trim video tool to create the most satisfying time

✔️ Create new videos or get existing videos in your library with high quality

✔️ Easily save and share videos on social networks for friends and family

Slow mo video maker help your life more interesting:

- Create beautiful, captivating motion portraits from the slow motion video editor

- Shoot and create vlogs to post on social networks

- Create interesting funny videos with pets by speeding up video

- Add music to holiday videos with video editor music

- Make transitions more attractive thanks to slide effects, zoom in 

from video editor effects

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