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 One of the most important applications that should be in every Android phone, as the most important feature of this application is to complete the download of files in the event of interruption or stopping the Internet instead of canceling the download

 The description of Advanced Download Manager App

Powerful Downloader for Android:

- download up to five files simultaneously from the Internet; - download acceleration using multithreading (16 parts) - interception of links from android and Clipboard browsers; - download files in the background and resume after failure; - loader of images, documents, archives and programs; - download to SD card for Lollipop and Marshmallow; - smart algorithm to increase download speed; - download only online on Wi-Fi; - boost download for 2G, 3G and 4G networks; - change the maximum speed in real time; - video and music downloader; - resume interrupted downloads; - support for files larger than 2 GB; Parallel download files in queue.

Torrent download:

- add torrents and magnets through the editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer; selection of necessary files and folders, displaying their size and type, searching by name, sorting; - in the right menu you can filter torrents and seeding;

- in the left quick menu options, in the settings, a new Torrent section with all kinds of options; The Properties window displays information about torrents, and Site Manager supports profiles for them.

Advanced Settings:

customize the interface and themes;

- select the folder for downloaded files; - various automatic actions after completion; - save different file types in different folders; - create an empty file to speed up downloading;

- automatic operation if the battery charge level is low; - import a list of links from a text file on the SD card; - automatic restart after errors and disconnections;

- planning to start downloading at the right time; - turbo mode to speed up downloads; - get file size and nice name; - Backup list of downloads and settings. profiles for each type of connection; autorun on schedule; - Fast auto add download support.

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