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It is a game aimed specifically at fashion design enthusiasts who

 have always dreamed of playing the role of famous fashion designers, or at least being their assistants. So in this game you will find all that and more.

In International Fashion Stylist, you're in charge of taking care of a young woman's appearance in different poses. At each level, you'll receive a small card that gives you information about the atmosphere of the event or event that's going to be organized, what you need to look for to change your heroine's outfit, the type of people who will attend the event, and an illustrated picture. With this information, you will go to the appropriate wardrobe, and start choosing the clothes that you like. Some of these clothes you will find for free, while others come to you at a high price, so you will need to use the money that you earn to unlock them.

And when the time comes to design these outfits, you'll have to take into account your heroine's hairstyle, and coordinate her different outfits, shoes, and other accessories to look very beautiful. For example, if you get a card with a beach party scene, you'll have to get light, summery outfits, but with some festive touches. In addition, if you are asked, for example, to help the girl look serious and professional, then you should focus on elegance and clothes that raise her self-confidence.

At the end of each round, you will have to present your presentation to the audience for evaluation. Where the costumes that you designed will be evaluated through an integrated evaluation system, where the rest of the players will evaluate and vote on your work. Depending on the score you get, you will get more or less money.

International Fashion Stylist is a fashion design game that brings you a completely different approach to what you're used to in games of this type, with dozens of unique designs and outfits.

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