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 Abjad application.

This application is considered one of the most famous Arabic applications specialized in this field, this application will make you want to read through the mobile instead of books and papers, as it will provide you with a very enjoyable reading experience, as the application contains thousands of the best versions of Arabic and international books and novels translated into Arabic, and the Adding novels and e-books in different file formats suitable for different mobile devices on a weekly basis to the content of the application.

Subscriptions available in the application.

1. Free subscription: The advantage of this subscription is the ability to read a variety of books and novels available for free for a period of only 7 days, and it allows the subscriber to have approximately 600 books.

2. Abjad Unlimited Subscription: Through this type of subscription, the subscriber can read an unlimited number of books, novels and stories from an electronic library, which contains more than 15,000 books and novels, for a simple monthly subscription fee that does not exceed the price of one paper book, amounting to Subscription cost $5.99 per month

The most important features of the application Abjad.

1. The app gives you a free trial and subscription for seven days after downloading.

2. The application is a huge electronic library that contains more than 15,000 Arabic and international books and novels.

3. The application is light in size and suitable for various versions of Android devices.

4. The application is a partner with Arab and international publishing houses in the most important countries of the world.

5. The interface of the application makes you feel like you are holding a real book and reading from it.


The application provides a feature of night reading, and allows the ability to change the type and size of the font.

7. Ease and ease of turning the pages of books, and the possibility of shading texts and placing marks and notes inside books.

8. Sending notifications and emails to inform you of the latest and most prominent publications of books and novels, and this feature keeps you following your favorite writers and abreast of their latest and most important publications of books and novels.

9. You can categorize the book in the application as follows: I will read it, I am reading it now, and I have read it.

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