Professional mobile maintenance through the mobile maintenance application

 Mobile, mobile, cellular or mobile maintenance:

Currently, mobile phones of various types are spreading everywhere, and then they need maintenance due to frequent breakdowns.

Mobile maintenance application.

This application will be the right choice for anyone who wants to enter the field of mobile device maintenance and wants to become his future profession and source of income, especially since we are in the era of technology, technology and software. And how we can deal with these malfunctions, in addition to the basics and general principles of maintenance and detailed information about the elements involved in the design of the devices.

The most important thing that the application offers.

1. General concepts about mobile phones, electricity and the electron

and software.

2. Tools used in maintenance operations and a detailed explanation of each tool (measurement tools, calibration tools).


Mobile components and the general principle of mobile phones of all kinds.

4. A detailed explanation of the main device board and its components and how to measure the parameters of all components in a scientific and practical, understandable and simple manner.

5. An explanation of the charging circuit and its parts, as well as the network circuit.

6. Various practical experiences and examples.

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