IQ test..Try it now and know your IQ

 Global intelligence questions, of which we have adopted 40 questions in this test, depend on solving different questions by adopting mental logic... that is, the ability to find solutions to simple and complex problems related to things.

The international IQ questions adopted in this test do not depend on human culture, but on his own intelligence.

The test includes different questions, ranging from easy, difficult and very difficult.

The result of this “test” is accurate to a large degree, as a result of relying on the internationally approved “intelligence tests” questions..

Instructions before starting the IQ test

1- Try to take the test while you are comfortable.. if you are sick or tired, postpone the choice for a better day...

2- Rely on yourself.. Do not try to use the calculator and do not ask or consult anyone.. Rely on yourself completely only..

3- The appropriate time for the test period is 45 minutes maximum.

4- The questions in this test are the same every not try to repeat the test for a correct result and closer to accuracy..

International measures of intelligence known as IQ:

Less than 25%: IQ is very weak

From 25% to 40%: a limited IQ

From 40% to 55%: the general limit of intelligence (in the first limits)

From 55% to 70%: the general limit (in the high limits)

From 70% to 80%: a high degree

80% to 90%: genius

From 90% to 100%: very rare

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