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Rescue Animals 3D is a fun puzzle game where your tasks are to help a pink, cubed, lovely pig to rescue the animals that are trapped along the map.

Rescue Animals 3D starts with a map full of carnophores and animals, and your goal is to find all the animals and remove all the plants. As you explore the map to find the animals, remember that the pig will keep moving until it hits the obstacle. Rescuing friendly animals will not be an easy task, and you will have to use strategy carefully to know how to get to each one.

As you beat the levels, the difficulty increases more and more to reach all the animals. Along the way you can unlock new animals and skins, which will help you beat levels and earn more points.

With well-designed and straightforward graphics, and an entertaining premise, Rescue Animals 3D is a highly recommended game for spending some time saving animals.

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