If you are interested in raising pets, this app is for you

Today's application is different. If you are interested in raising pets, you must have this application through which you can know the disease that your pet suffers from and provide the appropriate support for it.


Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine is vital reference tool for busy practitioners and students, saving hours of searching through multiple sources. Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine, Second Edition brings together comprehensive differential diagnosis lists covering a wide range of presenting signs. This new edition has been fully updated with alphabetized lists for improved navigation. The lists cover the majority of presentations that are encountered in practice, including both common and uncommon conditions.

Key Features:

- Details differential diagnoses from diverse findings such as history, physical examination, diagnostic imaging, laboratory test results and electrodiagnostic testing

- Provides guidance on how common conditions are, and how commonly they are the cause of the presenting sign

- Useful throughout the working day for vets in small animal practice, the information will save hours searching alternative multiple references

- New co-author Kate Murphy brings her expertise as an European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ECVIM) diplomate

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