For all lovers of puzzles and crossword puzzles, this game is for you

 For all lovers of puzzles and crosswords, download this beautiful game and enjoy it and learn a lot of general information through it

Game description:

 Crossword puzzle is a family game par excellence. Fun and useful, it will provide you with useful information

It is a mental game consisting of several squares in the form of a table containing columns and rows of empty squares.

Crossword game: educate yourself. Do you have a lot of general information? Are you broad cultured?

The first crossword puzzle game appeared in the American newspaper New York on December 21, 1913, and it became one of the great games in the United States, and from there it moved to the rest of the world

Did you know that intelligence games are excellent for exercising the mind and improving memory?

Each question is a puzzle and a word or a picture, for example, cars, a close-up picture, lizards, riddles, or a drawing

To download the game, click here

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