Download Muamalaty app for Android devices, latest version 2022

 The Maamalaty application allows citizens to submit their transactions electronically and receive the resulting documents through the postal and citizen service centers.

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My transaction application.

Maamalaty application is a service application that provides interactive electronic services through the e-citizen service centers of government agencies to put them in the hands of the citizen in one application.

The purpose of my transaction application.

The Muamalaty application facilitates and saves time and effort for the citizen to obtain government documents, such as civil registry services, criminal records, real estate documents, student documents, etc., where the transaction is carried out by submitting an application and paying the value of the transaction electronically through the available banks and electronic payment methods. Documents resulting from transactions by courier delivery to the place specified in the application or receiving them from a citizen service center.

How to register in my transactions app.

After downloading the Maamalaty application from the Google Play Store link provided at the bottom of the article and installing it on the mobile, we open the application and enter the following information:

1. Username.

2. The phone number.

3. The national number.

4. First name.

5. The second name.

6. The password.

7. Confirm the password, and then register.

The services and transactions provided by the Maamalaty application.

The citizen can access all official papers by activating his account in the “My Transactions” application of the Citizen Service Center, which gives him the ability to complete government transactions.

 1. Criminal and civil records services.

 2. Extract real estate transactions and documents.

 3. Extract all student documents and papers.

 4. Reservation or confirmation of an application for a passport.

 5. Transaction review services.

 6. Extracting the criminal record.

 7. Extracting the civil registry.

 Download the application. click here

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