Download the global game Counter-Strike on your Android phone

This first person shooters game happens on the battlefield where Counter Terrorist forces is trying to eradicate dangerous a terrorist group. You are part of the special operation forces landing on their homebase and you are on the frontline to eliminate every terrorist you find to make way for your unit. It’s a very dangerous critical game strike mission that only the best operation specialist from special Counter Terrorist force can do. Don’t disappoint your troop and never back down when duty calling. You’ve got a huge responsibility. Enter the enemy territory, kill, upgrade your weapon, and complete all the missions! There are also infinite play where you can try to survive for as long as you can.



⦁ Addictive counter terrorist first person shooters game.

⦁ 2 maps to try different tactics!

⦁ High quality 3D game graphic.

⦁ Bomb defusal from Military Tank and Helicopter.

⦁ Smooth game control also can play offline.

⦁ Upgrade weapons with your earnings.

⦁ Shoot to kill Terrorist and hostage rescue.

⦁ Finish mission to complete a level and unlock the next level

to download click here

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