Here is the best application in the world to learn chess

Medical studies confirm that chess has a role in improving memory and mental functions and preventing dementia, so if you want to learn chess and academically from scratch to professionalism, we will send you a special application that teaches you everything about it

Key Features:

• In-game training, the best way to learn

• Helpful hints just when you need them

• Training against past mistakes until they are mastered

• Over 30 detailed lessons for all skill levels

• 4 unique trainers to choose from

• Great for beginner and intermediate players

• Friendly, patient and intelligent!


Dr. Wolf will coach you for free for 3 games of chess so that you can appreciate his style of in-game teaching. Then, to continue learning, you can subscribe to Coaching. With Coaching, Dr. Wolf teaches while you play chess, pointing out good moves and bad — both yours and his — and the reasoning behind them. At times, he'll gently suggest you reconsider a move, or ask a question at a critical moment. Plus, you get unlimited hints, unlimited undos, and unlimited access to our Lesson Library, with over thirty lessons in Dr. Wolf's unique style.

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