Chef Router application! No trouble with router settings anymore

You do not have to worry about complex router settings and how to set a professional password so that a neighbor cannot enter your network and work with it, as well as to hide your network and make it invisible to everyone. Also, change the name and password of the settings page, many, many important technical things

 One of the most important applications that you must have is this application, because through it you will be able to easily enter the router settings and modify them.

There is no trouble in the incomprehensible router settings page after today, all you have to do is download this simple application

Some of the services you will get through this application:

- View Wi-Fi settings, change the network name or password, control the maximum number of connected devices on Wi-Fi, and hide or show the network.

- Setting the Wi-Fi speed to 6Mbps and controlling the Wi-Fi signal strength

- View connected and active devices on Wi-Fi

- Display landline data with a clear Arabic translation for each item

- Adjust service provider account settings with the ability to save account data for later use easily

You can also reboot the router or go back to factory settings with the push of a button

To download the application directly, click here

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