The most powerful program to remove the background of any image and change it to another background in seconds

 Pictures play a very important role in social networks. No matter you are famous, online store owner or regular person, you always need to create beautiful images, for example: create your social posts, advertisements, banners, posters, etc. With this in mind came a program called Apowersoft Background Eraser, which is designed to automatically remove background from image and give you privacy in creating stunning image with new backgrounds.

  Download the program and start producing your first creative photo.

 1. User-friendly interface

 The interface of this program is very clear and intuitive.

 There are only two main functions on the interface, which are "Portrait recognition" and "Others recognition". The former will help you to crop the person in the photo and give you an accurate result, while the latter is available to remove the background.

 Once you choose the function you want to use, you will be directed to an open window, where you can upload the image, and the program will automatically remove the background for you. Within a few seconds, you can get your exact result with original quality.

 2: remove background

 As its name suggests, this function is developed for people who want to remove background from an image. It will automatically detect the person in the photo and remove the background in a few seconds.

 Once the image is imported, you will see in the preview section that the background of the image will be changed to transparent while the person in the image will remain.

 3: Change the background to another

 This software also allows users to change the background of your photo if needed.

 Currently, it offers three methods: color, image template, and upload images to set as wallpaper.

  After removing the background, you can click the "Change background" button in the upper right corner to choose a new color or the built-in image template as the background. The program will continue to add new templates regularly.

 Apowersoft Background Eraser is a powerful and easy software when it comes to photo manipulation with just a few simple clicks you can produce your new awesome photos with other backgrounds.

  To discover its amazing features, just click the download button below to get it and start your three-time free trial.

 To download the application, click here

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