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 Today's application is an information technology application, the Wayne application. This application is directed to everyone without exception (whether they have a smart card or not), and this is unique to the modern version of the "Wayne" application. One of the most important features of the application: 1- Determine the nearby stations that In which oil derivatives are available 2- Determine the stations in a specific area in which oil derivatives are available 3- The latest news 4- Frequently Asked Questions 5- Review the packing operations of sugar, bread, rice, tea and gas... 6- View the cards belonging to the account holder 7- View allocations 8 -A request to obtain the first batch of heating diesel for the residents of Damascus. 9-Submission and follow-up of complaints through the lawsuit

About Win App.

In light of the conditions of electricity, gas, gasoline, diesel and all oil derivatives, the government began trying to find solutions to these conditions, including the Wayne 2022 program affiliated with the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Internal Trade programmed by business software. This application is a qualitative leap in the field of information technology and automation in Syria, and due to the large number of searches in Syria about downloading the new Wain application, especially the latest updated version.

This application was created in light of the conditions in the country that led to a shortage of materials and basic resources for the continuity of life. The project aims at the fair distribution of materials in the Syrian Arab Republic in a fully automated manner without the intervention of the human factor, in order to achieve investment and time sharing in important issues away from standing. In the queues and waiting to get the basic supplies, a basic application to register on oil derivatives (gas, diesel, gasoline) as a result of the development of information technology and with the slight decline in the reality of electricity, the dependence on oil derivatives has become greater, and the importance of this application has increased.

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