Create a fake number for WhatsApp and Viber on Android

How to create an imaginary number for WhatsApp and Viber on Android through a content site, making fake accounts on social networking sites and creating fake numbers is easy and simple among users using many applications that have spread widely during the recent times, all users of social networking sites may see Screen shot of many pictures taken by a conversation between two parties or a fake number used on WhatsApp or Viber, and today we will reduce you to think and show you how to create a fake number for WhatsApp or Viber on Android using the Primo application. Primo application for Android It is worth noting that Primo application is one of the simple applications that can be used to create a fake American or French number on the WhatsApp application, Viber for many reasons that differ from person to person, there are those who resort to this for the sake of entertainment and entertainment between friends, and others resort to it In order to run many applications prohibited in many countries, or there are those who use it in order to register in one of the sites instead of using the personal number. 

Features of the Primo application The Primo application is characterized by creating a fake number on WhatsApp or Viber. Available for free without paying any money. Ease of use of the application without complication. A large number of users liked it. It has a simple interface and a great and organized design. He got a high rating from his previous experiences.

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