Brain Marathon game to strengthen your intellectual and concentration abilities, distinguished by force and free of charge

Do you want to strengthen your memory? Improve your visual acuity? Increased ability to focus and fight distraction? And increase your skills in performing simple maths quickly? Do you want to develop your general intelligence level? Thinking, numeracy and analysis skills? Today you will get it easily.

The game contains 20 different games to test and improve your abilities in five different brain skills skills: memory, sight, arithmetic, focus, and kinesthetic coordination for several senses working together.
Game features and benefits:

Intelligence development and brain training.

Improve memory, visual sense, focus, arithmetic, and cerebral consistency.

A game that combines interest, fun and suitable for all ages.

100 rounds and 2000 stages full of diversity and suspense.

The game contains detailed reports of brain development with useful statistics.

70 different missions that allow you to win many free prizes.

25 Medals and ranks allow you to double the rewards that you win during the game.

The way to play is through rounds and multiple and consecutive stages, when you finish any stage you will move to the next stage with a different game so that each round contains 20 stages, and upon the completion of the round you will advance to the next round so that the difficulty and challenge increase.

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