Samsung temporarily shut down its largest smartphone manufacturer due to the Corona virus

The kurna virus forced Samsung to temporarily stop working at its largest smartphone factory in the world located in India for two days.

Samsung opened its factory in the Indian city of Noida in the summer of 2018 with a production capacity of 120 million devices annually, and the government asked Samsung to close it for two days, that is from March 23-25 this year.

A spokesperson for the company stated to the Indian media that Samsung is working hard to ensure that the supply of smart phones is not interrupted, because this interruption may lead to stopping the company's production by no less than 657 thousand phones within only two days, assuming a direct return to the full production capacity.

This is not the first time that Samsung has closed its factories to limit the spread of the Corna virus. Earlier, it closed its plant in Gumi, South Korea, for two times, which left the company relying only on its factory in Vietnam.

It is reported that LG will also shut down two factories in India, one of which is to manufacture home appliances, and the closure will continue until the end of this month. Foxconn, which also makes Apple phones, had stopped working for several weeks in China.

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