New apps: ScreenCode to share files and text without any connection

Screencode is a new Android app with which you can share files and text without the need for any communication.
Many are file sharing applications, and fortunately these applications differ among themselves and specifically the method of file transfer, however, most of them share one thing, which is that they require a connection process, whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC or the like, Screencode the latest applications in this field, What sets it apart is that it does not require any communication between the sender and the receiver.

Thus, the Screencode app will allow you to share files and text through your screen with close friends without any connection, so that the receiver runs the Screencode scanner to read and extract the content that is sent, and it can also be used to transfer data between devices without any network operator, mobile network, or Wi-Fi Or bluetooth or even NFC and the like.

Which prompts us by saying, that the application does not require any setup, but immediate participation, not to mention that it is very safe, and supports all types of files and texts, and all you have to do is choose the file to be sent and shared by the application, to start after that start the scanner and try to fit a screen Send in within the targeting directory, as seen in the video below.

Finally, the Screencode app is available for download on Android free and completely, and does not include any internal purchases, provided that there is unfortunately support and ads, and it is sufficient for your Android device to work with version 5.0 and later to take advantage of it.

Download the Screencode app on Android.

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