Duolingo launches its new Duolingo ABC app on iOS

Duolingo ABC is a new app from Duolingo to teach kids how to read.

Duolingo has many learning apps, chief among them the main app Duolingo which is the best language learning app or service around the world, Duolingo ABC is one of the new subsidiary applications of the company, it is available exclusively to iOS users only, and the application aims to teach young children how to read English.

For its part, the application here uses short lessons specifically prepared to help teach the alphabet to children from the age of three to six, and depends on the smooth phonemes and words depicted in education, in the same context, the company says that its new application includes more than 300 different lessons.
For its part, children will also be asked via the app to perform tasks such as spelling a specific word from a mixture of letters, as well as following the outlines of an uppercase or lowercase letter, tracking their names, as well as clicking on objects that start with a specific letter and more.

Finally, with this initial launch, the Duolingo ABC app will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, and the company says it plans to release a copy of this new app for future Android users, provided that it is completely free and without any ads or even purchases Internal.

Download the Duolingo ABC app on iOS.

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