Downloading WhatsApp Plus, the ability to hide impressions and many other features ...

 :WhatsApp Plus features

 The ability to hide impressions
Privacy options
You can send group messages to groups
The ability to hide any conversation
 Autoreply (you can send an automatic reply to incoming messages while you're busy)
You can change the program font by about 30 fonts
You can now stop the Internet from WhatsApp and the Internet will continue to work in other programs
 You can upload a 7-minute video instead of 30 seconds
The ability to send scheduled messages
You can restore any message after it is sent and it will be deleted from all devices that have been sent to it
You can disable automatic media loading for each conversation individually
You can send a message or call a number that is not saved in your device, such as the Viber application
The ability to distinguish between group and regular messages

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